Sunday, May 6, 2012

Empty Nest Syndrome!!!

Well, it has almost been a week since Bec left for Vancouver.  She has graduated with a BA in French. Bravo for her!  She has worked hard these past few years and she has been rewarded by getting full funding for her Masters, which she starts in September.

So this 'Empty Nest Syndrome' I am feeling is only for 4 months!  knowing that once she comes back I will be going through it again in 12 months! 

These are my thoughts:  I have had MY children for the past 34 years, yes, it is true, that is how old Heather is, 34 years old in August! Katie will be 32 at the end of May and Clint will be 31 in October with Bec, 22 in June!  I can not remember my life before my children, they have always been such a large part of filling my life!  I had always thought, once they are all gone, life will be mine and mine alone to do what Gord and I want to do!  ha....and that this Empty Nest Syndrome is a figment of many imaginations...... Now it is my reality! but I have to keep on telling myself, it is only for 4 months, Enjoy the summer, before I know it, Bec will be back and in a blink of an eye she will be done and gone!  sigh!

And this too I will survive! LOL

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today when I got home from work, I found out that i WON!! yes you read that right, I won a TearDrop Bag Pattern...YES...I LOVE BAGS

I am off next week for spring break! YES. I am going to be making this bag in the large size!
I hope the weather is nice and I have alot of time for sewing! I am so looking forward to the time off!

Dh and I just finished our last Salsa lesson tonight. Every Wednesday evening, for the past 8 weeks, we had our lesson and had a blast. Every lesson,he made me laugh so hard all while we were chacha'ing, salsa'ing around the room! I am thinking we should sign up for the next set of lessons! All so much fun!

Well it is my bed time. Trying to get to bed earlier, makes waking up in the morning a bit easier!

Til next time - I need to find some excitment to blog about! ha!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Told you I wasn't good at this........

..... it is the weekend and i am loving it. I love my weekends. I work hard monday to friday and love my downtime weekends!

Today I met up with a few ladies from's MEETUP. This was our second get together, getting to know a bit more about each other and realizing just how small our world really is!

I took my knitting, i am knitting all my kids and dh a pair of slippers. Want to get them all knit up then stitched so when we go out west this summer, i can each of them a pair along with a few other things i have planned. We are going to an Ocean Falls Reunion held in Campbell River on August 11th. I am looking forward to it, having reconnected with several Ocean Fallers on the OF Facebook page. Looking at all the pictures that have been posted, the past and present and many inbetween. I talked Cousin Bev into coming with me. Gord and Allan can keep each other company while Bev and I reconnect with old friends and fellow Ocean Fallers. Ocean Falls is a town (I say is, some would say was but it still lives and breaths), 350 miles north of Vancouver, on the mainland of British Columbia, Canada. I was born and raised there with the most awesome memories with the best childhood.
I did go to one reunion back in the '80's in Kamploops and had a blast. So I am very much looking forward to this reunion. I hope to show Gord some of the most beautiful areas on this earth, on Vancouver Island: Long Beach, Uclulet and it's Lighthouse, a very secuded and not well known spot but one of the most rugged and beautiful places. After touring the island we hope to head to Vancouver to visit kids, then to Kelowna to spend some time with my parents then on to Alberta to visit my oldest daughter and her husband. then home. I am looking forward to visiting all of the places i once lived!

Tomorrow i want to get a few more circular skirts made for the Dance classes at school. now tha ti know how and what i am doing they are much easier to put together, the time consuming part is laying and measuring out the mass amount of fabric. I know they dancers will love them and enjoy dancing in these skirts!

Til next time.....when ever that might be...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer is OFFICALLY here!!!!

Happy first day of summer!!!

i am off for 2 months and looking forward to each and every moment! this of course doesn't start til after the 8th of July... i plan on getting alot of sewing done. i am looking forward to upgrading my work wordrobe from dress jeans and long sleeved t's and cardigans to dresses and skirt and jumpers to wear with long sleeved t's and cardigans! there was a time when i only work dresses!! i want to at least get back into it for work...but since i sit at a desk all day, on the computer, getting up very little, just to move around in my area....jeans oops, i mean dress jeans are very comfortable. so we shall see. i have some great patterns and awesome fabric so let us see if i can merge the 2 together....but i have to remember that what ever i make it has to be confortable for sitting most of the day LOL i like jumpers that can be worn with short sleeved t's in the summer and long sleeved t's and leggings or leotards in the winter...Down to earth, comfy but dressy clothing....

i have alot of charity sewing to do, and hopefully pick up a few sewing jobs to supplement my lack of income over the summer! lol oh but what fun i am going to have!

i also want to put more up in my Etsy shop. so needless to say it will be a busy, but wonderful and full summer, i plan on enjoying every minute of it.

i plan on being around more often, but for now, it is exam time and i am partially responsible for getting out the exams in the morning for the teachers and need to get to work a bit earlier so i can have myself organized, exams ready to go!

our next chat will be sooner because i need to get blogging more, producing more, sharing more. talking about sharing, i will have to post some great pictures of my Pirate! lol til next time, NIGHT!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am not good at this....just saying of course........

it has been a busy year...i changed jobs....not what i wanted to do because i was passionate about working and helping people achieve independance with employment....but one can only deal with harrassment from coworkers for so long with everyone else, knowing but turning a blind eye to it. so i applied out, taken from hell and put into a wonderful job with an awesome group of co-workers and staff that have been so supportive! i do miss my 'old' job, but with this new job, there is such a great learning curve. they say it will take a year to learn this job! At first i didn't think so, but after being there since October 25, i truly believe it will take me a full year! HA

with this new job, i now no longer work 12 months!! YES....i now have 2 weeks off at christmas, spring break off and 2 wonderful summer months!! Summer in my pool....YES....i am so looking forward to it! ....but i have to get a job...searched my options.....i did open an ETSY site
i did sell one scarf. i don't have much on it, so i am busy trying to sew up a few little dresses to sell to suppliment my lost income so i don't have to work outside of the home for those laid off weeks. EI and sewing income, that just might work. i can give it a try and see what happens. wish me luck!!!
i will have to gather myself and post some pictures of what i have been sewing/crafting lately.

now that i have settled into my 'new, no stress job', i hope to be more proactive on here. i think posting here will help me keep on track of what i need to get done.

'til next time

The Yellow Dog has a name...

The Yellow Dog's name is Logan. He is living with my daughter and son-in-law in Alberta on their ranch and living the perfect dog's life! He went there almost 4 years ago, to the wide open spaces of the ranch life. He will be 13 years old and the vet says he is in perfect shape for a lab his age!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 2010

Here we are, a month and a half into 2010 and I have not written a word since the summer.......

I have been busy sewing for charity...T-bags for the Women's Shelter, Diaper Bags for Africa, Pencil Cases to go to schools in Africa, Burial Gowns for the NICU at St. Joe's Hospital, here in London. Now I am into making little dresses that will be shared with Africa, Haiti and here.
I will have to add some pictures soon.