Sunday, May 6, 2012

Empty Nest Syndrome!!!

Well, it has almost been a week since Bec left for Vancouver.  She has graduated with a BA in French. Bravo for her!  She has worked hard these past few years and she has been rewarded by getting full funding for her Masters, which she starts in September.

So this 'Empty Nest Syndrome' I am feeling is only for 4 months!  knowing that once she comes back I will be going through it again in 12 months! 

These are my thoughts:  I have had MY children for the past 34 years, yes, it is true, that is how old Heather is, 34 years old in August! Katie will be 32 at the end of May and Clint will be 31 in October with Bec, 22 in June!  I can not remember my life before my children, they have always been such a large part of filling my life!  I had always thought, once they are all gone, life will be mine and mine alone to do what Gord and I want to do!  ha....and that this Empty Nest Syndrome is a figment of many imaginations...... Now it is my reality! but I have to keep on telling myself, it is only for 4 months, Enjoy the summer, before I know it, Bec will be back and in a blink of an eye she will be done and gone!  sigh!

And this too I will survive! LOL

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